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Who we are

Our priority is to the environment and to our customers. Serving each of them responsibly creates an ecosystem of sustainability.

Social Responsibility

Technology has the power to change the world for the better. We embrace and champion the advancement of technologies designed to support environmental sustainability.

Guest Experience

A premium personal chauffeur experience requires exceptional customer service. We believe professionalism, discretion, reliability and comfort are non-negotiable.

Efficient Technology

Premium service should not come at the expense of the environment. Motev exclusively utilizes electric vehicles to minimize our carbon footprint.


Guest experience is a direct result of employee experience. We employ ethical practices at every level of our organization and throughout our services without compromise.

Our Leadership


Robert Gaskill

Robert began his career in the entertainment and transportation industry in Los Angeles over 20 years ago. He started his journey as a Hollywood Local 399 Teamster with a Class A license before expanding into service transportation management, and finally into celebrity transportation and personal security. Gaskill has an unmatched and unique perspective on the luxury car service industry. Early in his career, Robert met Morgan Freeman and later began working with him exclusively. When Robert shared his vision for Motev with his longtime associate, Freeman, he was anxious to collaborate on the venture. Robert’s vast experience in the luxury car service industry has positioned Motev to be the gold standard in the market.


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Our Partners


Preferred by celebrities and elite athletes alike, AQUAhydrate performance water brand delivers a healthy balance of alkalinity, electrolytes, and trace minerals to support overall health and well-being.


Aecon Global Security Consultants

Aecon is a unique security consulting firm, providing their clients with the intelligence, strategy, and resources needed to ensure success and solve even the most difficult security challenges.



Measure is an award-winning graphic design studio that specializes in solving complex communication problems with smart and superbly-crafted design.